Les Salons
Les Salons Foundation is a wonderful surprise. Located in the heart of Geneva, its visitors can uncover a hidden gem of nineteenth century theatrical architecture. The prestige and beauty of the venue enhance each event held there, be it a conference, a classical or contemporary music concert, play, cocktail reception or another event.

With over 175 years of history, the former Société genevoise des amis de l’instruction (Genevan Society of Friends of Education) changed its statutes on 22 December 2010 to become the present-day Les Salons Foundation. This transformation, desired by the Board, went hand in hand with its aspiration to professionalise the institution’s operations. Today, the Foundation employs six members of staff who offer quality, personalised service and hospitality.

With its willingness to create a unique experience for future visitors, Les Salons Foundation and its staff warmly welcome you to its premises.

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  • Monday 12 August 2024

    – FERMETURE ESTIVALE (15 juillet – 12 août) Un bel été à vous!
  • Friday 23 August 2024 at 20 h 30

    – Candlelight : Musiques d’Animes – concert
  • Friday 23 August 2024 at 18 h 30

    – Candlelight : Hommage à The Weekend – concert
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    • July 2024

      •   Mo 15
        FERMETURE ESTIVALE (15 juillet – 12 août) Un bel été à vous!

    • August 2024

      •   Mo 12
        FERMETURE ESTIVALE (15 juillet – 12 août) Un bel été à vous!

      •   Fr 23 20 h 30
        Candlelight : Musiques d’Animes – concert

        Plus d'infos sur le site de Candlelight
      •   Fr 23 18 h 30
        Candlelight : Hommage à The Weekend – concert

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      •   Sa 24 18 h 30
        Candlelight : Hip-Hop, les grands classiques – concert

        Plus d'infos sur le site de Candlelight
      •   Sa 24 20 h 30
        Candlelight : Le meilleur du RnB des années 2000 – concert

        Plus d'infos sur le site de Candlelight
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    The Les Salons Foundation offers its spaces to hire for all kinds of cultural, corporate and private events.
    The Foundation gives preference to events which fall into the cultural niche: performances, readings, conferences, general meetings, seminars (with or without the option of a cocktail reception)

    The spaces:

    The Theatre

    Renovated in 1998, its acoustics are designed for theatre as well as music.
    This elegant hall comprises 173 seats distributed as follows: stepped pit (122 seats), gallery and balcony (51 seats). The hall is fitted with a professional sound and lighting desk. A full technical sheet is available for download here.
    A more detailed stage plan is available here.
    Since September 2018, the hall has been equipped with a professional projector, so it can also accommodate film nights!

    The Salon

    A warm Baroque/Renaissance salon which also offers good acoustics.
    Its capacity can be adjusted for up to 100 standing or 80 people seated.
    The Salon’s lighting is also adjustable, and it is possible to install projection or sound equipment.


    You can find our floor plan on this link !

    In addition, Les Salons offer the following facilities:
    — four dressing rooms for artists or speakers (with showers)
    — professional sound and lighting desk
    — catering areas (with fridges)
    — lift
    — male, female and wheelchair or PMR toilets
    — access for people with reduced mobility (wheelchair lift from the courtyard entrance on Rue Général Dufour, call 022/808.01.01 to open the door)
    — wardrobe with ticket sales counter
    — opening of bar with regional products one hour before and after performances or on request

    The General Secretary and the Coordinator offer professional and personalised support to make your event a success.
    A site visit is both encouraged and recommended by appointment.
    A quote tailored to your event will be offered following initial contact.
    Download theatre plan here

    Download stage plan here

    Download hall plan here

    Download Technical rider here


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    Contact us

    Théâtre Les Salons
    Rue J.-F. Bartholoni 6
    1204 Genève

    +41 (0)22 808 01 01

    General Secretary
    Dafne Rondelli

    Mathieu Evéquoz

    Eva Odermatt


    The members of the Board are:

    BOHNENBLUST Michel (President)
    BRETTON-CHEVALLIER Claude (Vice-President)
    TETI Tiziano

    Access plan

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